The Gift of Running


I overcame many health and financial obstacles in my youth through the disciplines and fruit of sport (running).

This fall, I am running the Staten Island Half Marathon to raise money for a great program (New York Road Runner-NYRR) that provides resources and coaching for children who aim to participate in track and field/road racing.

I am using  NYRR programs for my own girls middle-school training program that will begin in early in October.  Through their free resources,  I will be able to provide a structured format geared towards the middle-school age and aptitude. This will be the first running program of its kind for this particular age group and demographic, in Pinellas County.

If you are so inclined to help sustain programs like NYRR Team For Kids, please visit my personal funding page.

Let’s work towards teaching kids that running away from challenges is not the answer, but running through them is always a victory.


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