So Many Firsts!

Trin, AJ and Coach after we ran through the chute. So proud of these first 5k timers!
Coach J, Trin, Kelly, AJ, Avery and Coach E. 6AM never felt so good!
“Where’s the first aid tent?” Trin, after completing her first 5k as a sprinter on a mission. She and I ran the race together and she doesn’t know it, but I cried watching her FLY through the last tenth of a mile.
Three of my favorite turkeys:  Trin,  Coach J and AJ.
Coach E is rocking the compression socks after facing some new aches and pains in her forties. She isn’t convinced this is her favorite look.

Our first official race as a team was incredible for a few reasons.

  1. It was very early. This taught us what it feels like to rise and run.
  2. It rained the entire race.  This taught us to push through discomfort that we cannot control.
  3. It was crowded and full of distractions.  This taught us to focus and remember our goals.
  4. The more even we go, the more we pace ourselves, the better our time will be. Plus, it is pretty badass to run full throttle through the chute of a stadium and have your family cheering you on!  I hung back and did not push so I could see the girls finish.  This coach cried before 8AM on Thanksgiving Day.  And I am not sorry or sad :).

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