Skill Drills and Hard Things

Jaguar Girls Monday Practice Summary:

400m warm up

(Drums at 90 degrees)

4 x 20/30 m High Knees

4 x 20/30 m Tightropes

200m cool down and 100m Butt Kicks

Working on establishing routine and skill and drills. Form is everything especially with developing bodies and minds. So, the drills will be a part of every practice and over time,  these broken down elements of running will be a part of their routine.

Each girl expresses interest in HS track and drills will be a huge part of speed work, especially in the track season.


Coach (me): This is hard, but what have you done that is difficult that  gets easier with some practice?

I was hoping this was brilliance they would ponder and realize the answer was “riding a bike, swimming, playing guitar….”.  

Athletes, in unison: Math!



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