Quincy and Someone Like You

Our youngest, “smallest” girl is also our most resilient, the one who encourages everyone else to keep going and keep trying.  She loves launching into a sprint and raced her heart out today.  So proud of Quincy.

She never complains. She wants to sprint over and over. She rocked the 6 x 200’s today and never stopped smiling. I love her to the moon and back.

“I didn’t have time to pack my lunch, so I grabbed some goldfish on the way out the door. I had to help get my brother ready for pre-school and then we needed to go to court. I had so much to do and needed to help my mom. School lunch is so gross, so my stomach hurts but I am trying-promise Coach.”

I walk with her back to the gym. “I had a similar middle school experience, took care of my brothers, got them ready for school, parents in trouble. I get it.”

“You did? How many brothers do you have?” she asks and I can tell she is surprised I can relate.

“Two and we’re really close today. My mom was just doing the best she could too and I promise you things change but I am so glad you are out here with me. I am so glad we get to know each other.” We walk in silence.

“Do you play any instruments, Coach Green?”

“No, I don’t but I tried playing piano in college and it didn’t work out” I explain.

“I play the piano, I taught myself!  Will you stay after practice so I can play you a song I just learned?”

How could I say no?  Of course I will do this and in this moment my heart swells and I really have no clue what I am doing.  This child is living an adult life and I recognize it and I have three million emotions wrapped in one.

She plays me this:

“Will you come meet my mom, tell her how I did today?”

I smile. “Yes, of course I would love to meet your mom, come on.”

She hugs me with relief.

I don’t know what I ever did to get this moment but I will never forget it.


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