Pokémon GO, Anyone?

Pokemon GO Demo
Congratulatory design for those who won the Pokémon GO challenge.

Engaging your audience can be challenging, especially today when the bar is set so very high.  At 9 seconds on average, our attention spans are literally less than that of a goldfish, making it tough to get folks involved and invested in material we as developers, designers and trainers create.

we are purple goldfish4
“I can pay attention longer than you, I’m serious.”

Lately, I have been fighting fire with fire and using social media and current trends to get people to pay attention.

For instance,  I am leading a large commericalization project in which my audience is going from a legacy software system to something very digital and “real-time”.

Each week, I design and place large signs/posters with system vocabulary around the offices so that terminology is integrated subliminally and intentionally.  This, along with new “graffiti walls” that pose thought provoking, open ended questions aim to drive the audience to engage on-demand.

It also forces them to seek information in more than one place.  Through regular communication via email, my audience knows that if they want to know more information about the words or questions posed, they must follow our Instagram feed, Snapchat account and Salesforce Chatter group.

This week, I presented a risky challenge.  Risky because it involved the new Pokémon Go phenom and the workplace.

Not one to mess with productivity, I wasn’t sure if it would be a hit and work or a major annoyance to leadership.

The challenge went that if my audience could “catch” a Pokémon character near one of my vocabulary signs or a graffiti wall, they would win a prize.

That was it.  I figured, no one will be able to find these Poké-things and most will disregard.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

People posted images of these critters in the ladies’ room, near the graffiti walls, vocabulary posters, outside near our signs, inside near their desks, you name it, they sent it.

It was exciting to say the least and you know what?  It got people engaged!

So, I only have Pikachu and his friends to thank and this little “Tentacool” creature who hung out with me most of the day.

Pokémon ‘Tentacool’ creature lurks over my laptop.

Next time you’re struggilng with engagement, try socializing your project and be creative.  If you can’t beat them, join them as they say and you might find yourself a part of a pretty cool new club.

And in case you were wondering, leadership LOVED it, no one was concerned about the distraction.  Whew.

Have a good weekend and happy Pokémon-ing!

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