Avengers Fever Means Superhero Design is in Order!

EAP2016 After seeing the Avengers Civil War this past weekend, I became inspired to create a superhero design for my next learning opportunity/interaction.

I will keep you updated on what I come up with as I research some font, coloring and ultimately, the interactive storyboard.




Micro Learning Extravaganza!


New content added to website in the Video and Auxiliary section.

Spent time filming (with the iPhone) a meeting for a “good” example of a Lean Stand Up and edited/produced the final you’ll see in Videos.

I also created a short animated marketing video for a cultural event and ended up designing the invite as well,  which is seen in Aux.

Cruise Around the World Invite

LS DemoFest ’16 Project

Humbled to share the floor with some of the best in ID and eLearning/mobile creation at DemoFest 2016 (basically a science fair for Instructional Designers).

This is a scrubbed version of the eLearning created for internal users at my company.


-March 17, 2016

Orlando, Florida