Geeking Out Over Blooms…and a little Bert

There is nothing quite as satisfying as bringing a module’s/course’s elements together and establishing a framework that includes the development of solid learning goals and objectives.

Today, I put a puzzle together and with some help from Bloom’s Taxonomy, established some clear objectives for a course I am developing.

Blooms Dev Example

The clarity of chaos.

Bloom’s never fails.

Establishing what someone has to DO in order to master something is essential to curriculum development in any form.  This includes eLearning, mLearning, classroom instruction, etc.

To ask someone to “understand” something is not measurable.  What does that mean? What can you do that I can see, or read that meets that criteria?

Bloom’s forces you to identify a clear task for mastery; find, identify, classify, restate and the list goes on.

Blooms example 2

Note the highlighted words…

Today,  I geeked out over how helpful Bloom’s was to my development and I will provide an update on what I cook up when it is finished.

Until then, happy Bert, from Seasame Street, day!  He and Ernie taught me how to read.

bert day

Thank you, my television teacher!

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