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2016 Learning Solutions Conference  DemoFest selection for Performance Support. Interactive desktop with embedded mircro-learnings and hidden interactions.

Articulate eLearning Challenge 126: Multimedia Learning Principles
Articulate eLearning Challenge 126: Multimedia Learning Principles

Scrolling transition effect with GoAnimate shorts and interactive vocal examples.  This demonstrates the Voice Principle that when you design and develop a multimedia learning artifact, using friendly, clear human voices increases the knowledge transfer significantly.

Swedish image
Swedish Culture Interactive created to give a quick overview of the main elements of Swede life.

Swedish culture interactive created to display the main elements of life in Sweden.  This included behaviors, family dynamics, food and business practices.

Creative Demo

Creative demonstration with comparative imagery, interaction and lightboxing. Quiz highlights varied feedback with engaging graphics.

Be sure to check out the navigation/help interaction!

For lighbox
Legal compliance module designed with Superhero theme.

One of my favorites.  Fun to design and voice-over.  When it comes to superheros, the difference between  ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is fundamental  so what better theme for compliance and legal communications at your organization?

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