Friday Fun: Organizational Compliance and Superheros Meet

Completed the superhero themed compliance module today and in honor of such an occasion, I am posting my demo design in the eLearning Gallery on the site and feature the link below as well.

For lighbox
See also in the eLearning Gallery of my site.


Just to get into the spirit, SnapChat provided the perfect filter.  See the below  ‘before and after’ of  my hero transformation.



Have a terrific weekend!

Compliance Heroes: My Latest Design and Development

website example 2 superhero
Look familiar? If you’re in content development chances are you have used Articulate Storyline to create eLearnings.
Website example 1 superhero
The introduction is animated. The “pow” text bubble flys out to top right and is programmed to happen within 2 seconds of the timeline beginning. The user will then click the image and the video below plays.

Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenge 126: Multimedia Learning Principles for Course Designers

Stepped up to this week’s Articulate eLearning Heroes challenge #126.




Take a look at my example of Learning the Multi-Media Principle 11 which states we learn better from an eLearning when the narrative voice is HUMAN.

Go Figure!


Voice Princple Website