Learning, I Ain’t Got Time for That!

Wouldn’t this be great?


There’s a light flashing on the dash of your car.

You’re in a wedding next weekend and need glam without debt.

The window in your bathroom won’t shut, you left gum in your pocket and now it is all over everything in the dryer.

Do you call a mechanic, salon or plumber?  Should the Maytag man come out and take a look?

If you’re me or any one of the millions of digitally connected people in the world you don’t call anyone. You YouTube.

And what you might not realize is that each time you teach yourself something via YouTube or any other bite sized knowledge transfer mechanism, you’re participating in a science.

This is the same science, theory and study I use to create and design curriculum. It’s called heutogogy, which is the study of self-determined learning.

Earlier this year, I was honored to demonstrate how I use this practice to create learning resources at DemoFest 2016, a part of the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando Florida.

If you go to the eLearning portion of this site, you’ll find the DemoFest entry.

I’ll break down heutogogy using the module to show you how it works and how I work for my audience:

-Metacognition: UPC 101 tells the learner right up front what they should expect to learn from the module.  Laying out clear objectives helps the audience, your learner organize their experience. There’s no doubt they’ll be thinking about their thinking!

-Needs Assessment: I can never assume my audience knows nothing or everything about the subject matter at hand.  Therefore, in UPC 101, I ask the learner to create a K-W-L chart so they can informally measure what they already know about UPC’s, what they want to know and then as they progress through the module, what they have learned.

-Asynchronous: This means accessible at their convenience.  Your entity should have a learning management system (LMS) to make learning available 24/7. This makes your creation accessible at the  crack of dawn or over lunch- the learner gets to choose.

-Micro: I incorporated short videos throughout the module to introduce topics in a bite-sized way. I try to emphasize that the learner can become an expert in a fraction of the time it might usually take.  Remember adult attention spans are less than a goldfish these days, so the pressure is on for us instructional designers!

So take a page from Google and use your skills to teach in a way that is user/learner directed.

No one whats to be told what to do but you, the powerful ID behind the curtain, can sure steer them somewhere.

With that, I leave you with my Grandfather’s favorite sign off…






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