15 Lamps

“What organ in your body is your greatest enemy when you run?” I ask.

I get various replies: legs, feet, heart.

“Yes, your legs do get tired and your feet can get fractured and yes, your heart is critical for pumping the necessary oxygen, via your blood to the muscles that move you. But there is one that gives up before all of these.” I look around to see if I am getting anywhere and I can see some smile as I explain it is their brain.

“Your brain will quit first. It gives up and tells the rest of you to follow. We don’t stand a chance unless we change our mind about running”.

I believe that once the team of 15 girls conditions their mind to push through pain and see the value in being uncomfortable, their minds will condition their hearts literally and figuratively.  These bright lights, fifteen girls with various goals for the year, will become lamps on an unbroken path.

This one of kind, inaugural middle school girls team will lead the way into what I hope is a new tradition for young ladies who believe their bodies were made to break barriers and records of all kinds.

I’m off to NYC next week to compete for NYRR and for my Jaguar girls.  If you feel inclined, please visit my fundraising page as we are so close to our goal!

-Coach Green 

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